Site Visit to a Local Community Foundation

11, 12

To introduce students to grantmaking and the work of community foundations. 

Print2 hours

Students will:

  • Meet “movers and shakers” of the local community and be introduced to possible careers in philanthropy
  • Understand the difference between smaller grants and larger capital grants
  • Learn that community foundations help families and donors with funds at the foundation match their values with community needs
  • Differentiate among different types of giving through family and donor advised funds
  • Participate in a grant workshop using actual grant applications

Handouts of actual grant proposals submitted to the Community Foundation


  1. Leaders of the Community Foundation direct students during group activities. An introductory activity discusses personal and family values, focusing on passions and preferences. 

  2. Students experience matching community needs with family values through a simulated grant review process.   


Students exhibit their understanding of effective grantmaking by deciding whether or not to fund specific grant proposals and articulating their reasons.