Unit Overview 

Using traditional Jewish texts as a basis, students learn about the concept of Tzedakah (charity), a fundamental concept of Judaism. It engages students not only in learning, but through performing acts of charity.

Service Experience 
  Students will plan a drive (e.g. clothing or food drive) to help provide others with basic needs.   Students will actively participate in all aspects of the class drive to collect items to donate to a chosen charity. They plan, manage, and advertise the drive to parents and/or other students.   Students will collect tzedakah to pay for a meal.  
Lessons in This Unit 
Tzedakah: How Can We Help? (Tzedakah) (Private-Religious)
Lesson 2 of 3

This lesson will help students learn the importance of helping people in need, and teach them to take an active role in helping others.  It will allow the students to be aware of what kind of items and quality of items should be donated, how to communicate an idea to others by visual means, and how to speak in front of others.